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How to Recover Your Lost Files from Computer Easily – Quick Guide

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Your data is the most important thing that you don’t want to lose at any cost. However, knowingly or unknowingly you lose your important files or documents while leaving you in a big mental trauma. You tried every possible effort to get it recovered, but you got nothing rather than a failure. Whatever the condition – you can’t afford the loss of your useful files. In order to overcome the problem, it’s important to find out an alternative that could help to recover your all-important lost data as soon as possible.

What Should I Do Then?

Have you clicked on the delete button by mistake and now started regretting on it instantly? Don’t bother at all. All you need to do is download free file undelete app and leave everything on the application that is especially tailored for the recovery of accidently deleted data and files. The most powerful and easy-to-use software makes sure that you will get your lost data back without leaving any negative effective on the hard disk or the performance of your device, be it computer or laptop system, smartphone, memory card or any other storage device.

Does Free File Undelete Software Exist?

Luckily, lots of free file undelete software are available on the market helping individuals and corporate houses to recover their damaged/deleted data. In addition to this, you as a user can also recover the files from the hard drives or memory cards that have been formatted recently.

With the proper usage of a free file undelete software, rest assured that you will restore unintentionally or accidentally deleted files safely from your PC no matter what storage medium you are using on them.

Which Should I Trust Upon?

Free File Undelete is a small-sized Windows file recovery app through which you as a user can undelete lost/damaged files from their NTFS drives. The tiny file size of the software i.e. 694KB only is easily portable or shareable through flash disk or email. The internet world provides you with a wonderful opportunity to download free file undelete application by just following a few simple steps.

Recover Your Lost Files

How To Use Free file Undelete?

  • Choose the NTFS drive in NTFS Drive List,
  • Click on the “Scan Now” button,
  • Once the file scanning is done, select the deleted/damaged files from the file list,
  • Now select a file folder to save your precious undeleted files, and
  • Click on the “Recover Now” Button and your job is done.

What Experts Have to Say?

Choices are countless when it comes to allowing you to undelete or recover your lost files from their NTFS drives. Built on an efficient and very fast algorithm, the application is very helpful when you want to recover files or docs that have been deleted due to an accident, software, a virus and computer failures. As soon as the recovery of deleted files from the memory cards used in cameras, thumb/USB drives and memory sticks, computer hard drives, and memory cards used in smartphone and other devices is concerned, the application is highly effective. Both folder and file recovery activities can be easily performed with the help of the free file undelete application.

Free File Undelete Installation Guide:

  • Go to the Free File Undelete download page.
  • Click the Download button, download the free file undelete file, and run on it on your system.
  • Select the language of the install process:
  • Run the Setup wizard.
  • Choose whether you have a requirement of installing the program on your PC system or creating a portable version on a removable device.
  • Don’t read the License Agreement and gives your acceptation to its conditions.
  • Read the warning that you don’t want to install the application on the disk where the lost files stored.
  • If required, change the destination folder for the program.
  • If required, change the program group.
  • Wait when the program is being installed on your PC.

Once the installation is done, you may start the program to get your data recovered.


Summary: You can download free file undelete app by just following a few simple steps. Here is a complete about all the details about free file undelete.

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