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How dedicated servers will benefit SEO in 2018?

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The performance of your website and the overall efficiency of your business highly depends on the type and quality of the hosting you choose. A type of hosting can outweigh the benefits of other hosting that you might not be aware of. A suitable hosting plan with good technical support can make a difference for you and no wonder if you want to choose the best one in the market that gives you least headache regarding the hosting issues. This is where dedicated hosting comes into picture. Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting where an entire physical server is allocated to you. Unlike Shared hosting or VPS it is not shared by other webmasters. The sole owner of the dedicated server is you. This literally means the server is “dedicated” to and for you!

You might be aware of the fact that SEO is changing very rapidly and major search engines are making updates in the ranking algorithm. Of the 200 different ranking factors that Google takes into account while ranking your website, there are some factors that are purely hosting related. Over that if you are an online business dedicated hosting will always prove better for you. The discussion below explains in detail.

How Hosting affects SEO?

budget dedicatedservers

The website factors that depend on your hosting package are:

  • Site Loading speed (Bandwidth)

Loading speed of your website depends on the bandwidth that your hosting package has. More the bandwidth more is the loading speed. Many studies by SEO experts across the globe have revealed that loading speed is a prime metric because users hate slow loading speed. If the website takes on an average more than 3 seconds to load in the browser, users jump back to the Google search engine results page. If you have videos on your website than it definitely needs to have good loading speed. Therefore, apparently you have only 3 seconds to retain the visitor on your website or else he is gone forever. This results in the bounce rate that affects your rankings as your website retains very less number of visitors because of slow loading.

What does dedicated hosting have to do with loading speed?

When you go for VPS or Shared Hosting the traffic that is date transfer and the bandwidth are shared among webmasters. That simply means one physical server servers number of webmasters. This sharing includes sharing of bandwidth along with the disc space. If you have big website and he you are into Shared or VPS hosting you may end up getting less bandwidth and because it is shared with other websites. In simple terms you may not get full benefit of the hosting server speed. Your site may run slow or it may go slow in future when traffic and content in your website increases. This is not the case with bitcoin dedicated servers. In dedicated hosting you have a server of your own and it is private— not shared by others. Consequently there is no risk of your website getting slow because most of the times dedicated hosting comes with unmetered bandwidth and traffic.

SEO benefit: Lowest loading time (Good user experience)

  • Traffic (Data transfer)

Traffic quantity of data transfer the hosting package gives you per month. When a user accesses your website, your website data is transferred from the servers to the users browser. This date passage has some fixed value to utilize every month unless you have unlimited data hosting package. Your website can be affected positively with a dedicated server in this regard. Most of the shared and VPS hosting servers are oversold by the sellers at affordable prices. Because not all webmasters utilize complete bandwidth and data limit, sellers take advantage make more money. This sometimes causes the servers to crash, that is, chocking of the server because of a large number of hosting accounts on one physical server. This reduces the data transfer value that is promised to you while selling the hosting package. There is no such thing with dedicated hosting as the entire server is owned by you there is no sharing of the data. Over that many dedicated hosting providers provide budget dedicated servers so you don’t have to worry about traffic of your website. No matter how high your website traffic is the server will be efficient enough to handle that much traffic.

SEO benefit: Website can handle large numbers of visitors in any given time period


These are the advantages of dedicated hosting that can reduce your risks of low ranking despite having very good on page and off page SEO. Many times webmasters don’t understand the reasons for the underperformance of their websites despite having everything at place. They barely pay attention to the hosting part of their business websites and that makes the suffer losses. If you want to minimise your website headache and increase the productivity of your business Dedicated hosting can be a great win!

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