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Facebook now accepts video games from developers around the world

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Facebook announced that it opened its facebook instant win games platform for all developers to create free games

The primary intention of Facebook with the games was to make its users stay for longer times within their platform.

Facebook instant win games platform is now available to all the world’s developers, which means they can create video games optimized for mobile devices using HTML5. The announcement reached the doors of the Game Developers Conference this year, reports the site “TechCrunch”.

Instant Games was launched in 2016. It has video games that work on all Facebook and Facebook Messenger media instead of being downloaded from virtual stores such as the Google Play Store or ApplTunes.

Facebook introduced new features for developers to measure and monetize their games.

The site started with 17 games from developers like Bandai Namco, Konami, Taito, Zynga, and King, who offered titles like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and more. In one year, Instant Games already had 50 video games and became available to the whole world. But they could only provide select partners as mentioned above. Download free showboxapk for android phone.

The primary intention of Facebook was to make its users stay for longer periods within their platform. But over time, Instant Games offered the social network a potential for new sources of income.

Last October, the social network said that it would initiate tests of placing advertisements in videos and would allow making purchases in the application. These tools were only available to be selected by Facebook partner developers. Now, everyone can create in Instant Games as the platform leaves its beta period.

Along with the ad, Facebook introduced new features for developers to measure and monetize their games. This includes the launch of the Ads API, which was also in the beta phase. But in-app purchases still need to be tested.

Developers can also access the Facebook Monetization Manager. From there, they will track ad management and how well the ad placements are working. At the same time, they will have the Game Switch API for cross-promotion of games across the platform.

On the other hand, Facebook also said that it updated the way in which its algorithm classifies the games based on the recent interests of the users.

The data  Facebook instant win games has almost 200 titles. One of the most prominent is Basketball FRVR, which is close to generating more than one million dollars in annual advertising revenue and has been played 4.2 billion times.

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